Industrial Meets Sophisticated

Redefine luxury and sophistication with striking Wilsonart Decorative Metals that are beautiful enough to be their own unique pieces of art and versatile enough to be used in any application. Our timeless group of classic patterns that have remained favourites among designers for their beauty, durability and versatility.

Whether used for vertical or ceiling applications or as accent banding on countertops, the Decorative Metals line is surprisingly adaptable and virtually unbreakable, with uses and effects only limited by your imagination.

Set Your Imagination Free

Suitable for both horizontal and vertical surfaces, Wilsonart decorative metals can feature in large expanses or mixed with other materials to create interior art.

Add A Touch Of Sophistication

Made with a layer of real metal, Wilsonart’s decorative metal range can be applied in a range of interior design applications to create unique appeal.

Industrial Chic in All Environments

With scratch, wear and heat resistant properties, as well as being antibacterial and easy to clean, an industrial metal look can be applied to any environment.

The Premium Metal Style In Any Environment

Wilsonart Decorative Metals are ideal for interior applications where a special accent is required or a special mood is desired. The surface of the metal laminate range boasts a fine finished metal layer. These materials offer unique residential appeal, or in commercial applications such as hotel and office lobbies, theatres, retail facilities and restaurants, where their special eye-catching properties add a prestigious appeal.

Redefine luxury and sophistication with striking styles and finishes that ring artistic beauty to any environment.

Authentic Metal Range In The Finish You Want

The Wilsonart Decorative Metals collection has been crafted in the tones, finishes and textures to suit any project, adding the element of luxury and sophistication.

Offering the on-trend warmth of copper, brass and bronze, or crisp neutrals of aluminium and titanium, the range also includes gloss, brushed and matt finishes that are sure to delight. Deliver the industry trend of layering warm and cool metal tones with amplified surface patterns to create a unique environment with Wilsonart Decorative Metals.

Metal Décors

Need help finding what you need?

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