A unique satin and matt embossed surface characteristic and reminiscent of naturally hewed timber. Hewn’s realistic texture and tactile surface brings woodgrains to life. 

The seamless transition between the inside and outside is evident with buildings being more sympathetic to the landscape outside and vice versa. The Hewn range from Wilsonart and its linear, deep embossed texture supports this direction with a cost-effective solution for a range of projects.

Deep Emboss of Natural Timber

With a realistic embossed texture and special satin touch, the feel of naturally-hewn timber is now available in LPM Panels

Bringing Nature Inside

Offering a natural look with the benefits of LPM Panels, the embossed Hewn range of woodgrain decorative panels from Wilsonart features realistic natural species that reflect the trend in bringing nature and natural elements inside.

Sustainable, Cost-Effective Alternative to Veneers

Wilsonart Woodgrain LPM Panels can also be coordinated with High Pressure Laminates for an environmentally sustainable and cost effective alternative to veneers.

Tactile Timber Sensations

The collections are not just about how the product looks but also about the tactile properties and trend towards sensory immersion achieved from the matt and embossed finishes.


Using the latest European technologies and manufacturing facilities in Australia, the Hewn range of LPM panels are easy to maintain and selected decors are available in XL sheet sizes, ideal for floor to ceiling joinery.

Free Whitepaper to Download

Supporting the benefits of Hewn over veneers, go to the Resources section of this website to view the whitepaper Different at the Core: Distinguishing Between Laminates and Veneers”.

It delves into the composition of laminates and veneers, demystifying the products and differentiating between their vastly different characteristics and features

Hewn Décors

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